Sunday, 9 December 2012

Rockin around the Christmas tree...

We are in a state of utter chaos in preparation for the flooring. The living room is bare save for a single chair and a telly for the babysitter. I don't do minimalism. Luckily the rest of the downstairs is piled with crap right up to the ceiling which is much more me.

Tomorrow night a little bit of California comes to the UK. I'm going to revert to my twenties and go and see my all time favourite band Redd Kross play in London! They haven't played here for the best part of a decade and that was after a huge break so this is going to be a great night. I'm going to be donning late eighties rock chick attire with a modern twist. (I don't get out much so it's been fun planning my outfit.) Frighteningly similar to an outfit I wore on my 19th birthday at the Marquee TWENTY THREE and a half years ago! I'm not sure the legs have been on display much since then! But inspired by Vix and her naughty rule breaking I'm going for it! Oh yeah, underneath this bespectecled annoracked exterior there lurks a rock chick!

My pimped vintage rock t shirt is ready. My fashion adviser told me you may wear band tees to gigs only for obscure bands, especially if they are vintage and pimped. (Thanks SB).

 Not all our party are taking so much care with their outfits. My husband is threatening to wear his brown cords and a jumper! And I shall be packing earplugs in my handbag in case he turns into a grumpy old man and moans about the defeaning din. Quite likely!

So where's the Christmas tree in the title of the post?
I have two! Found in a bag of tat at a boot sale, this is as good as it gets around here for the time being. They are 8'' tall.

And here's a little look at the beautiful and talented Redd Kross at their finest! 'Lady in the front row', obviously written about me!

and I just can't resist another share of a younger Steve McDonald doing his thang...

Those here for the painting/vintage junk normal service will resume next time. x

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  1. Have a great time dressing up and enjoy the concert :-) dee x

  2. So glad you are letting the 'rocker' out for a night xx Enjoy but I do agree with taking earplugs, as I usually do xx

  3. We used to have mini Christmas trees just like those two! A real blast from the past.
    Enjoy the concert too

  4. Have fun, I love a good gig, make ou feel all young again!! The Ana Mum Diary x

  5. Haha, a full 8 inches. You're pulling out all the stops!

    Have fun at the gig x


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