Monday, 18 February 2013

A bit of a mistake...

Well, the curtain making was all going swimmingly. I was actually starting to enjoy myself and I was feeling very smug about how far my curtain making skills had come. The first curtains I made were the ones I was replacing in my brothers kitchen and they were basically made like you would make a cushion cover; front sewn to back (lining) and tape at the top. That was fifteen years ago.

Now I make them properly, lined with thermal lining to add a luxurious look and do it by the book. I was finding it so easy with the checked fabric I thought that perhaps I should start a curtain making business using only checked fabrics. The Checked Curtain Company. Measure once and follow the line.

Then I realised I had totally stuffed it up.

You see here how the pair of curtains are completely aligned and the rows of colours are mirror images?

That's how they should have been.

Here's what I did.

The fabric has been flipped upside down (how!?) and the orange rows match but the yellows are off. Doh!
Fortunately my brother, being male, will neither expect them to mirror each other, nor notice that they don't.

And luckily, once hung and opened...

..the mistake is less obvious.
But I am cross with myself and no longer want a Checked Curtain Company. It's fraught with danger.

The other window with the single curtain is fine!

Perhaps I shall start The Single Curtain Company.


  1. I probably could have looked at those curtains for hours and not spotted the error! Imperfection is in anyway, non? I'm in awe of your abilities; I think they look lovely. Only your trained eye notices, I bet. :)

  2. I wouldn't have noticed if you hadn't pointed it out! You are right - guys generally don't notice or care about that sort of thing!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  3. Excellent! I'm making some curtains at the moment so, thanks to you, I will make sure I check twice, then a third before sewing!

  4. I probably wouldn't have noticed either, I've got a man's brain, it's often been said! x

  5. They look great Emma-Kate. I'm sure you won't even notice the error after a while. Xx

  6. If your brother is happy, there's nothing to worry about!
    I don't think I would notice either, I'm not big on detail...
    Well done for making them. Even if your plans for curtain-making world domination have taken a knock! xxxx

  7. I think they look grand! I forever starting out on little jobs and then royally cocking them up. I don't think you have anything to worry about here :)

    Just Pirouette and Carry On...

  8. Oops, sounds like a mistake I would have made but think you got away with it. Wouldn't have noticed from the picture of them hung and luckily they were for a bloke, even if he did notice he probably wouldn't care.
    Anyway you did a great job on them.

  9. They look lovely! I always tell myself it's nice to have little quirks in homemade things- otherwise one might as well buy everything from Argos and be done with it :) xx

  10. I cant see your mistake i think they look fabulous ;-) dee x

  11. Thank you ladies! You are all very kind! I do feel better about them now. ;)


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