Thursday, 7 February 2013

Lovely surprises... part two

Well that Leibster Award led to quite a long post and I didn't want to stick this news on the end of it as I may have lost some of you along the way and it's so cool that it deserves its own post.

The marvellously funny Katie from Hook, Line & Sink Her made me her Blog of The Week! I didn't see the email she sent me until after I'd already seen the post and run shrieking into my husbands office with it. Luckily he works from home or that could have been embarrassing. What a nice surprise that was. I was having a not so great day and that certainly cheered me up.

A big ''Thank you'' to Katie for the kind words. I put the link on facebook telling people how famous I was. As you do.
I really feel like the Lawrence Llewellyn Bowen of Hitchin now. With not such fabulous hair obviously. I have already been asked for my autograph. (It might have been sarcasm.)

Here's the article. My dad says he thinks I wrote it! Huh!

Do check out the very witty Hook, Line & Sink Her and pop into her Etsy shop too! It's especially good if you like octopi.

In other breaking news I recently acquired one of these:

I paid £14.99 for a badly put together slightly used Ikea Bekvam beech step stool from the most expensive chazzer in town.
They retail at £11 brand spanking new.

 I didn't know this.

Anyway, I can't get to Ikea so I'm still pleased with it but I shall be letting the most expensive charity shop in town know. And I put all the screws in their rightful places.

It's already started its transformation. It was either that, or tackle a pile of ironing. If you are excited by this kind of thing, there's a page full of Bekvam hacks on Pinterest for you to salivate over while I figure out what I'm doing with mine.

And I finally got two matching plants for my painted crates!

Yay! Symmetry. And a splash of colour! Not. That's okay. I actually want to live in a White Company catalogue...


  1. Ooh, I'm intrigued to see what you'll do with the stool, Emma Kate. We could do with one of those. xx

  2. I'm not entirely sure myself! The great thing is that they are unfinished wood so it's easy to change. xx

  3. Aww :) Thank you for telling people about my shop- and for your nice words about my words!

    I'm very glad it cheered you up; the bit about running to tell your husband made me giggle :)

    What a cheeky charity shop!! I've got some flea markets/antique shops round my way who do the same thing. Thankfully I've got the ikea catalogue pretty much memorised; but it's still rather naughty of them! xx

  4. Am on the lookout for one of those stools too. Good to know they're only £11. Lovely roses :)xx

  5. I think the extra £3.99 was well worth paying, a visit to Ikea is one of the most traumatic experiences known to man (if the local branch is anything to go by!. Can't wait to see what you do with it. x

  6. I used love Ikea years ago until i found retro and vintage could be bought at a fraction of the price it is today. I agree with Vix its a nightmare place to visit now and things dont last and everyone has their stuff. Its great to be unique and different and by buying vintage it allows you your freedom so to speak. Look forward to seeing the step makeover though. Your little boxs look fab with the plants in them. And well done on the little mention no wonder you were excited its a lovely write up and very well deserved. dee x

  7. Well done on your Blog of the Week status - and get you, so glamorous with legs that go on forever! Bugger the painting, Emma Kate, shouldn't you be a model?
    A friend of mine bought a set of Ikea storage jars from a charity shop, then foolishly checked on the website to find she had paid more for them that the Ikea price... So you are not alone. But yes, definitely go back and inform the charity shop it is guilty of inappropriate pricing! Still, I am sure you will do a brilliant makeover on the steps.
    And your fireplace looks fabulous! xxxxxx

  8. One of the worst Sundays of my life was spent in Ikea, i've never been back! Its great to see your sites and others like it especially as we'll be moving into a house quite soon, your tips could be invaluable, thanks!

  9. Oooh I bought one of those stools last week too! So far mine has had two coats of AS Provence and one coat of varnish, now trying to find some time to do a bit of decoupage. Can't wait to see what you do with yours!

  10. Congratulations on being voted 'Blog of the Week' - very well deserved, in my opinion! I love how your fireplace looks with those stencilled crates, just gorgeous x

  11. Me gustan los maceteros!!!

  12. Congrats and well deserved too! A tip to Ikea, once, many years ago, was enough for me ... I will never return! M x


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