Sunday, 7 April 2013

Car boot sale in York...

My brother and I were up at 6.30 to hit the boot sale. What a lovely day it's going to be. It wasn't freezing for a change and the sun shone.

There must have been an auction yesterday as the boot sale was rammed. The best thing I found was a humongous set of Gaydon Melamine picnic/camping ware.

There's actually eight of everything apart from the cups and there are six of those. These are quite covetable among the camper van enthusiasts, and the vintage caravanners. I recognise them because we had some when we were kids. We had the Magic Roundabout set.

This lot was £8. A fraction of what they fetch on eBay...

I also found some unworn snow boots for my daughter to grow into. £2 a pair.

I stockpile good quality footwear for her so we never need to buy it at full price. I also got her a Disney Princess dress. Like we don't have enough of those!

We sped round the boot sale and went to a second one which wasn't even on. Stupid. We would've spent longer at the first one had we known. So that was a stuff up.

I'm sure we can fit in a charity shop or two whilst we are up here to make up for it. Happy Sunday!

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  1. What a shame the second bootsale wasn't on. Well done on your beautiful melamine find though- especially as it was such a bargain! xx

  2. I've been put on a Melamine buying ban, I went a bit mental with collecting it when we first bought Gilbert and now the coal house is full! Fab colour! x

    1. Oh my word! at least you can keep the best and sell the rest in your fairs! x

  3. That's a LOT of melamine! Lovely!
    I always snap up decent footwear for the kids when I see it cheap too, it is so ridiculously expensive full price, I can't bring myself to pay that much! xxxx

    1. Gosh, I guess it's even more important with three kids! When Constance goes up a size we don't hit the shops. We pull out the trunk under her bed and it's like christmas morning for her. Luckily, so far we have the same taste!

  4. Still not done my first boot sale of the year yet, but I think next week might be the week.

    I wont be getting up at 6.30 though that's for sure!

  5. Think of all the great picnics you can have! Lots of memories to be made with those dishes

  6. Still waiting for a warmer weather (I could be waiting for weeks) before going to my first boot sale of the year so settling for the charity shops at the moment to get my fix. And I could never get up at 6.30 on a Sunday! unfortunately noone shares my passion for booting, maybe that's a good thing!
    Am on the lookout for melamines too to replace my plastic cups. Great finds!

  7. I love that yellow cup. So very cheerful.

  8. melamine? expensive? not here fortunatly where it's still dime a dozen. my husband dusted off a green set he'd picked up somewhere and stashed in the garage recently, but i much prefer your sunny yellow set. may the sun shine every time they're used!
    lovely to have you linking again. max x


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