Saturday, 6 April 2013

Ironing board insanity...

I've been desperate to make a new ironing board cover.
Yep, it's an exciting life I lead.
Our ironing board is semi on display in the kitchen so it has to be an object of beauty. But what to cover it in?
 I wanted something dark because I frequently spill water on the ironing board as I fill the iron and I didn't want the resulting water marks to show.
I wanted something vintage, thick and utterly splendid.

I spotted this fabric on ebay.

I KNOW! It's RED! Not neutral. Not pale. RED. I have clearly  lost my mind. But I do love this material. It's like a thick linen.
Here's the  tutorial I used.
There are several pages. I used elastic rather than string just because that's what I had. I bought some new ironing board padding and also sewed this inside the cover.

Wanna see my masterpiece?

And here it is at home down the side of the fridge...(those tiles AREN'T staying!)

See how it draws the eye away from the hole in the plaster? Cunning!

Red. My new colour. And doing the ironing will be so much more fun! (Won't it?)

My daughter and I are heading up north to my dads for a few days...

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  1. I did contemplate making an ironing board cover a while ago but I found one at a jumble sale. You did a great job. Enjoy your trip! x

  2. Erm, that looks ruddy bloody brilliant! Live the fabric. I believe this to be the best ironing board I have ever seen!

    Just Pirouette and Carry On...

  3. Gorgeous fabric, makes the ironing board rather glam. I rarely iron myself, but if i did i know i'd enjiy it more having a such a strong warm print to look down on. Have fun up north x

    1. Thanks Max! I may have to start wearing marabou mules and a negligee to do the ironing...

  4. we don't iron except for funerals but that is an inspirational ironing board now :)Don't forget to pick up your sander from dads ...

    1. I'm one of those sick puppies that irons everything! Well, not knickers, but bedding, everything else!

  5. Lovely fabric and a very bold choice.

    We were up north for the day on Saturday and it was beautiful weather. Fingers crossed its the same for you, have a good trip xx

  6. This is getting spooky! Sewing box, ironing board cover ( I recovered mine with a vintage tablecloth a while ago as it had to stay in the kitchen while the staircase was a deathtrap), the Melaware you bought today (I bought 4 powder blue plates last Sunday), and your tiles are very similar to the ones I inherited when I moved in here!
    The new ironing board cover hasn't enticed me to do the ironing though - I've only used it for pressing fabric I've been working with!!

    1. Heheh! Perhaps we were separated at birth? I also had Ladybird buttons on my dressing gown! x

  7. It looks fantastic! If anything is going to make ironing more bearable, it has to be that gorgeous cover!

    In case you hadn't guessed, I have no time for ironing, and only use mine to make fabric pen permanent. I was incredibly happy to recently discover that directing my hairdryer at any particularly noticeable wrinkles once I've finished getting dressed smooths them out just as quickly as ironing. One laziness point for me! xx

  8. Respect girlfriend! That is one classy ironing board cover although I would feel underdressed ironing on that in anything less than a ballgown.

  9. I would never have dreamed you could make an ironing board cover, although I do still have my vintage child's one I need to re-cover.

    Love the fabric.


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