Thursday, 4 April 2013

Using a paint wash on wicker baskets...

Remember this wicker basket I found at the boot sale?

Mmm, very nice but the orange just wasn't doing it for me. 

I mixed up in a washing up bowl 1 tester pot of F&B's Cornforth white and 3 tester pots of water. 
I used a brush to flood it into the wicker and let it run out. You have to cover every surface. 

And here we have it...

...mounted inside the pantry door. 

(Except really... the door is hollow, I can't put heavy things in it. So it's an oversized packet shelf! I thought the bottles looked better though.)

And there was enough paint left over to do another...

 And I even painted the inside of the pantry door for the photo! 
Blogging is good. I get jobs done just for you!

Oh, and vintage cot cat bed update? 

It's definitely a hit!


  1. I love your projects, I always get great ideas from you :-))

    PS No to the painted stairs for us!
    I stripped the carpet off at the weekend, pulled out nails, gripper rods, staples, screws and then promptly fell down them today! One bruised bottom and ego!! :-{

    1. Oh no! Hope you feel better soon! I guess underlay and carpet provide some cushioning!

  2. It looks great! Excellent and beautiful packet storage. Bless those two in the cot- utterly adorable! xx

  3. Thank you! I'll have to limit my cat cot photography but I am besotted with my boys and just so thrilled that they like my idea!

  4. Fab basket transformations and the cat shot is adorable.

  5. Keep those cat shots coming, even Jon's a fan!
    Great basket transformation! x

  6. My boys love your cats! They are big fans of them and their names, so I always show them when you share a new funny pic :-)

    1. We've only had them for a year and they already had their names when we got them. Well, Freddy was Fat Freddy and Bad Bobby was just Bobby but we addded the Bad as he is nothing but trouble and a total bully. He can put Freddy off his food with a look! His redeeming qualities are his passionate kisses in the mornings. But he also bites us! Fat Freddy is all sweetness and light and would never do anything naughty. x

  7. OMG just love that pic of the entwined cats in the dolls bed - made me laugh out loud, which I really needed today as feeling carp generally. Thank you so much! Don't comment much, but enjoy all your makeovers. Best wishes from Liverpool.

  8. I love those cats, what a blissful pic. And the baskets are cute. My pantry door (which is a boiler cupboard/laundry now) is white primer over brown wood veneer, I will move it up my to be done list!

  9. Thanks for the tip on painting wicker, I have a few pieces that I need to do. Cute overload on the kitty bed. So sweet! Patty/BC

  10. The baskets look fabulous, Emma Kate, great idea.
    And I just did the biggest aaahhhhhhh at the site of BB and FF snuggled together so happily in their little bed! Look at their drapey paws! I wanna kiss those pink baked beans!
    Umm, sorry. Got carried away. Again... xxxxx

  11. Ah the kitties look very happy in their new bed.

  12. The baskets look lovely but your moglets are really adorable and I like the idea of the cot [aw bless they are gorgeous]

    Take care



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