Sunday, 12 May 2013

Happy day...

 Thank you to the very lovely and funny Katie from Hook, Line and Sink Her for nominating me for a Versatile Blogger Award!  I have to tell you 7 facts about me and nominate 15 other bloggers who are worthy of this prestigeous honour.

So here are my facts...

1. I don't mind mice, rats, snakes and most spiders but I'm frightened of woodlice.

2. I was up the top of the World Trade Centre one year and one day before it came down.

3. I  hate having to wear glasses. Really. But not enough to want my eyeballs scorched with lasers.

4. I struggle with maths. Once I thought my daughters maths homework was a trick question which couldn't be answered. It wasn't and she was 5 at the time.

5. I think the best TV show that ever was, was 'Change that'. I dilligently recorded it every day to watch after work. I sooo wish they'd bring it back.

6. Fast forward to modern times and I really enjoy 'Made In Chelsea.' My favourite is Francis. They seem to have reinvented him since the first series.
I don't watch anything else really. I have the telly on with the sound off. I find it reassuring that it's there, like a window on the world, but the noise drives me mad.

Well, hello...

7. I bite my nails and have rough hands like an elderly Norwegian fisherman. And it doesn't bother me. I can tell if a jumper is wool or acrylic by the way it snags on my hands or not. A very useful skill in second hand shopping if you don't like acrylic.

My actual hands
(Kidding! Obviously mine have paint on them.)

And my nominees are...

1. Curtise at The Secondhand Years
Smart, stylish and sometimes saucy

2. Loo from Jumbles and Pompoms
Creative and a vintage lover

3. Kat at  Shoestring Lifestyle
Her and her partner are fixing up their home with vintage finds

4. Caroline at Mrs M's Meanderings
The car boot queen

5. Jenni from G'day at the Gables
An Aussie in Hertfordshire

6. Marie from Marie Debell
A fellow furniture painter

7. Kate at Just Pirouette and Carry On
A little bit of everything

8. Jane at Plain Jane
Crafty and flower loving

9. Sarah from People don't eat enough fudge
Leaving mayhem in her wake

10. Dee Dee at Vintage Retro Delights
This lady lives and breathes vintage!

11. Natalie at Sophistcated Yellow
She has very good taste!

12. Betsy from Betsy Speerts Blog
My new best friend ;)

13. First time buyer (sorry I don't know your name!) at Victorian Terrace Refurb
Nothing scares this lady! Inspirational!

14. Mary at Vintage Style at home
Pretty interiors and painting

15. Scarlet from The Finished Article
Likes similar things to me. What's not to love?

Ladies, if you want to play along, go ahead! 


  1. Aww Francis. I love him too- he seems to be the only one with any kind of morals! Did you see the MIC Come Dine With Me special earlier this year? It was brilliant- Mark Francis was in it, who is definitely my favourite character- everything he says is so ridiculous! xxx

    1. No, I didn't see that! Mark Francis - he's a strange one! I think Millie and Rosie are dreadful! And Spencer. Obviously!

  2. Ooh thank you this seems like fun - off to do some thinking! Jane x

    1. It's hard to come up with new facts! At lease you only have to do 7 in this one! x

  3. I remember Change That, didn't they do some dodgy makeovers? I bite the hard dry skin around my nails, it looks awful, wish I could stop. Thanks for your very kind offer but finding room is a problem, had a clear out only this week and took a bag to a charity shop to make rook for stuff I've bought. ha ha. Have you thought of ebay?

    1. I have so much crapola to put on ebay that we have lost the downstairs loo. x

  4. Oh my that fisherman stole my hands too!!! .. Sarah x

  5. 13. First time buyer (sorry I don't know your name!) at Victorian Terrace Refurb
    Nothing scares this lady! Inspirational!

    That's why she's your number 13 .... lol She's a drummer and may be called Shell, and is the most hands on diy builder lady I ever saw. Anyone who does ceilings deserves a medal.

    Glad you were nominated, Emma K, I find all sorts of interesting blogs from you as well as home ideas. And ginger cat love.

  6. Thank you for the award, Emma Kate! I may be a horribly lazy arse and not do my homework, and I have done these awards before and told terrible lies, so don't be offended if I don't play this time!
    I like hearing your facts though, especially finding a fellow mathematical dullard (my 11 year old is already way better than me). But seriously - woodlice? You're scared of woodlice? No, they're rather sweet! xxxx

    1. Haha! Not offended at all. It gets harder to think of interesting facts if you've won one before! Why didn't I think of making stuff up? (Woodlice are repulsive!) xxxx

  7. Oooooh, thank you muchly!!! How lovely of you, I shall get my thinking cap firmly on....

    Francis is a big favourite of mine too, you know how I feel about MIC! I've officially gone off Jamie and Spencer makes my skin crawl! Poor old Francis akways gets the bum deal doesn't he??

    Love that you can find so many varied uses for your hands, that's quite a skill you've got there!!

    And I too am shocking at maths, I refused to go to the Nursery Class maths day for fear that they might reveal my Shane publicly!!

    Kate x
    Just Pirouette and Carry On...

    1. You're very welcome. Don't get me started on Jamie! Ugh! x


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