Monday, 20 May 2013

My bedroom (a work in progress...)

I've been a bit quiet lately. Have I been wallpapering in a patchwork fashion?
No, but I think I have chosen a wall! And it's a different wall to the one I was thinking of. Which means I can have one gallery wall and one patchwork wall. I just hope it doesn't make the room feel smaller!

Here's the new wall I 'found'.

It has a door in it and is half obliterated by a huge mirror and a double chest of drawers so the impact of the patchwork wallpaper will be broken up I think. (And of course my dressing table is ALWAYS as tidy as this. I certainly haven't just shifted piles of crapola onto the floor!)

Sadly I can't start anything as this wall needs to be chased for the upstairs rewiring which hasn't yet begun. So for now, inspired by a picture on Pinterest...

...this will have to do.

But it will leave this wall... for the pictures.

Speaking of pictures, I got another one!

From eBay

I love white flowers. My favourite picture is this one by Van Gogh...

Currently in the living room

Sadly I'm not a millionaire so this is a print in an old car boot sale frame. But I LOVE it.  And the new one reminded me of this one.
I had an old frame which almost fits, I just need to saw the edge off the picture. I like how it looks. Slightly grand and slightly knackered with it's missing corner.

The bedroom is very much a work in progress.

Missing door handle
  I bought this huge chest of drawers when we moved in.

It fits that wall perfectly. It's an old 1950's fake french number which had a dated, cracked and peeling paint job. 

So I've stripped the top, which appears to be solid mahogany, stained it and lightened it with a paint wash before sealing it.

Then I started priming the drawers. I didn't want to sand them in case the paint has lead in it so I used my beloved Zinsser primer.

Er, then I got a bit distracted and started something else. That happens a lot around here. 
But it is NOT going to be white.

And here's a close up of the mirror...

This was a gold plastic frame with a cardboard picture of a ship in it when I bought it from a charity shop for £2 long, long ago. 

 Here it is painted white in my last house...

  We're having important guests to stay in September and they will have this room so I do need to get it finished by then. Even the orange skirting boards! I wish I had a photo of this room when we moved in. Every surface was papered in 1060's abstract textured wallpaper and most of it was orange. Even the door. I can't even remember what was on the floor. I reckon I'm halfway there.

Thank you for all your ideas on my last post. The film poster is going to live on the stairs.

One last pic for today. 

Fat Freddy

A permanent fixture on my bed! 


  1. ;-) Im still chuckling at Fat Freddy he reminds me of that ginger cat off Shrek :-) Bless him. Wow you have been busy that 50's dressing table will look gorgeous when you have finished. Is that your vintage wallpaper stash? if so you have some gorgeous rolls there. dee xx

    1. Yes Dee, all mine. That's my lifes work. I get them from boot sales and charity shops as I'm not going to spend £20 on a roll on ebay!

  2. Oh Freddy! I just want to bury my face in that furry belly - would he let me, or would I be clawed to death?
    Anyway, enough of the cat adoration... Slightly grand and slightly knackered seems a fine aesthetic to me, both with regards to interiors and clothes! Good to know you have come to some decisions about your patchwork wall and the pictures, looking forward to seeing everything in situ and looking beautiful.
    That chest of drawers is a monster! Nice job on the top - now crack on with the rest, Emma Kate!
    PS. I looked at my cleavage this morning and felt better, thanks for the pep talk! xxxx

    1. He would let you, but he worries about such behaviour. He's slightly frigid. He doesn't kiss, he air kisses. I think that growing up with bullying Bad Bobby has left him a bit nervous. But he wouldn't hurt a fly.
      I should go into counselling I think. xxxx

  3. Can't wait to see your patchwork wall and your set of drawers when finished. I'm exactly the same when working on something I get distracted/bored and go start something else. Xx

    1. I heard that creative people have short attention spans. Works for me! xx

  4. Seems like Fat Freddy is a bit of a blogger babe magnet!
    The chest of drawers is going to look fab, just like everything else you do!
    M x

    1. The boys have lots of fans. No one's here for the makeovers! I hope the drawers work out. I want to do something difficult!

  5. Fat Freddy is so gorgeous I can barely concentrate on anything else! I'd kill for the chest of drawers, though, it's beautiful (or will be, eventually).
    PS We don't possess an I-Pod but we have tried Dad's favourite operas on CD. Sadly he lacks the capacity to comprehend much these days.

    1. He's our very own Bagpuss.
      I'm sorry the music didn't work. Perhaps the photos will trigger something. xxx

  6. I love those pictures. And the fat cat. My own ginger may get jealous!

  7. Sounds like the perfect decorating compromise! I love your shabby-yet-grand frames; one can never have too many of those. And the big dresser/chest of drawers thingy is going to look beautiful! xx

    1. Oh I hope so! I've started pulling everything out of the room to give me room to paint in there... argh! Chaos reigns!

  8. I love your blog, you are such a talented lady! I adore Fat Freddy too, I'm such a fan, I may turn my cat into a Porky Polo because Freddy is so cuddlesome. Love the pictures and frames, inspiration for a gold frame I bought from Facebook, took the pic out because it was rubbish but will now haunt the CS's and car boots for something else. xx

  9. Great inspiration and fabulous ideas. I am loving this blog because you did some of most elegant and superb work that i ever noticed. You are really rocking Emma Kate!! Oh, the last piece is cute and fatty!!!

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