Sunday, 2 June 2013

In an English country garden...

It seems summer might have arrived at last. As a nation we are all heading into the garden. Now, I am no gardener but I am a prettifier so I'm going to share my garden with you. (Well, the pretty bits.) Bear with me as 'Painted Style' goes 'Country Living.'

An old eiderdown makes a comfy place to sit and tell the husband it's his turn to mow the lawn.

This topless table is a work in progress. I love the rust! It would have had a glass top but I'm thinking of something the moment it's not all that practical.

And for my overseas readers, let me share my spot, under the apple tree where we take afternoon tea...

                                                           ...unless it's raining of course.

                                    I just knew that old crate would be useful for something.

Would you believe the patchwork seat pads were found in Primark? (Overseas readers, it's like Prada.)

The herb garden under the kitchen window and the rhubarb...

And if you're very quiet, you just might see the fairies at the bottom of the garden...

 A fairy garden always needs a castle...

(Found this one at this mornings boot sale!)

                                      And the fairies need a toadstool house. (Charity shop)

                         They also need a place to take afternoon tea. Or is that pot filled with wine?

A peaceful spot to catch up on blogland. Who knew fairies had laptops? Crazy paving: a B&Q mosaic tile.

Definitely wine.

Enjoy the sunshine! Back soon with a stonkingly fabulous giveaway! (Even something for overseas readers!) 

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  1. What a stylish garden!! I love the fairies too, I have gnomes, but my Dad keeps hiding them as he hates them! Cheeky man!

    Can't believe those pads were from Primani?!! I'm going hunting for those!!

    Just Pirouette and Carry On...

    1. Thanks Kate, I'm sorry, I bought the seat pads years ago! There's nothing wrong with a gnome or two! x

  2. I love it, especially the fairy garden !

  3. Your pretty garden furniture and soft furnishings look like they've stepped out of Homes & Gardens...not the fairies tho, lol.

  4. Your garden seating is beautiful, great use of the crate, and I am looking forward to seeing what you do with the topless table (though it looks fab with the basket!)
    Oh those naughty fairies - traditional fairy tales keep quiet about all THOSE shenanigans, don't they?! xxx

  5. Ha! I've a couple of topless chairs like your table! Dead pretty but ridiculously useless unless you've the biggest arse in the world!
    What beautiful things, I can just imagine you longing on your bench demanding more G&Ts xxx

    1. Well, Vix, you'll be extremely excited to hear I have 'fixed' the topless table and also written a tutorial on how to do it. Although, it's more like how not to do it because it went a bit

  6. Apologies for this question not relating to this post... I'm going to be rid of my orange pine : )
    Now would you suggest the traditional laborious route of sanding etc or straight on with the Zinser and away I go?!! Any help gratefully received! I'm not keen on the ASCP route as I'm not so keen on the finish : ( thank you x

    1. Hiya, you're a no reply blogger so I've sent you a comment back on your blog. x

    2. Aww, thank you, it was a great help, I've got it bookmarked for reference. It's both types of pine so I'm sure it will be fun!
      Thank you so much : ) x

    3. Good luck with it. I did a post called 'The pitfalls of painting pine' as it's not straightforward. It's one of the most popular posts so it's in the sidebar. x

  7. you are a crack up-prada, heh!
    and your garden is gorgeous! I love the crate as a tea tray (now on my op-shop wish-list) and the sink with herbs in is a great idea...and i spy with my little eye...a trug!!!
    we are planning a fairy garden for our fairy-obsessed little missy, so loved looking and laughing at your fairy beer garden!

    1. Thanks Max, I once knew an American in London who never used the word 'Primark' just called it 'Prada'. Because of the similarity no doubt. Love my trug. It's actually full of colourful weeds as our flowers haven't bloomed. But don't tell anyone...

  8. Hehe love the drunken fairies!! Really cute little garden. Love it.

  9. Hey, we have that table and chairs! But not the 2 seater. Love your garden pics, it looks so welcoming. Love the fairy garden too - how my girls would have loved something like that when they were little.

  10. I love your wrought iron furniture. Such a cozy setting, especially for telling your husband it's his turn to mow. too cute!


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