Sunday, 30 November 2014

Agony, ambulance and Advent...

I'm totally behind schedule with everything. I've been very poorly and was rushed to hospital a week ago with the most awful pain in my side. It came on very suddenly. I had a pain when I was in the shower and went to ask Jason where your appendix is. He was asleep and not that helpful. By the time I made it back to my room a few feet away, I flung myself on the bed shouting, ''I can't take this anymore!''
That quick. The next half hour was spent lying on the floor, puking, shaking violently and moaning. During this, Jason was dressing me. Lets just say he learnt an important lesson in which type of knickers a lady needs to wear on a trip to hospital.

The ambulance came and they gave me morphine which I have to say was very disappointing. I always thought morphine was the utmost in pain relief. Well, it didn't relieve mine.

I spent seven hours in the foetal position in A&E waiting for tests and having silly questions asked. ''Can you tell me your name Emma?'' ''Do you live at home?''

First it was an appendicitis, (albeit in a very unusual location) then a waterworks infection. I looked at the doctor like she was mad, I mean this was worse than labour, so she went to get her boss. He decided it was my appendix after all and sent me to see the surgeon.

At this point, a miracle happened. As fast as the pain came on, it went. ''Im cured!'' I announced to the nurse. They sent me up to the surgery ward anyway where they told me I'd have to stay the night. Later that night I was visited by a very nice surgeon who diagnosed a kidney stone which I must have passed and said I could leave. I had to wait a few more hours for a prescription but I was glad to go home.

I thought kidney stones were something that happened to old men. Apparently not so. And it's the worst pain. I now need to change the habits of a lifetime, drink more and change my diet. Less salt is the hardest to bear as I'm addicted to crisps. Less protein; we shall go semi vegetarian. Reading the Internet, you can add just about every food group to the bad list, depending on what your stones are made from. I'll never know about mine, unless they can tell from a scan and I have more of the little buggers.

In case you're wondering where your appendix is...

Ta-daa! Nowhere near your kidneys. I hope we all learnt something important today. I also had no idea your liver is in your chest. Fancy that.

Our medical knowledge is somewhat lacking. Jason was convinced I'd caught something off some very dirty quilts I brought home from the flea market the day before as I writhed in agony.

Ridiculous! I've obviously built up total immunity to all flea market contagion.

Moving on... the vintage sledge!

The pink wasn't doing it for me. I painted it dark brown, rubbed it all over with a candle, painted it red (just emulsion tester pots) distressed it with sandpaper and Bob's your uncle...

A triumph among stair sledges...

We mustn't get too carried away, it's still not quite December and let's not forget...

Obviously stair sledges are allowed.

Join me next time when I shall be educating you all on the location of ones brain AND...

I shall be attempting to turn this crappy car booted louvred door...

 ...into a desirable piece of architectural salvage worth hundreds. It might even be considered forgery.

If it works.

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  1. I'm so sorry you had to go through the agonizing pain of passing a kidney stone, Emma. I work in a medical clinic and I've seen dozens of patients come in with kidney stones, and usually if they're still walking, they're doubled over in pain. I'm glad you're feeling better and your hubby didn't dress you in your Santa Claus undies for your trip to the hospital!

    It's nice to know I'm not the only one in the universe who hasn't started my Christmas decorating! I've got high hopes of getting it done this weekend. Your little red sled looks adorable wearing that festive shade of red and is the perfect perch for your ice skates!

    I can't wait to see what you've got planned for your old window shutter!

  2. Personally I'd like to keep xmas in the last two weeks of December (like in the 60's) but I know it's never going to happen... apart from in my house, that is. Poor you, I know several people who've had kidney stones so was aware it causes the most excrutiating pain, let's hope it was the only one.
    Your sledge looks amazing, a perfect foil for your skates and dear little robin.
    Very curious to see what you have planned for the louvre door.

  3. Poor you, that sounds awful. Glad the pain went in the end and fingers crossed that with limiting your salt consumption you won't get it again.
    Hmmm, I'll go as far as to say, lets make no mention of Xmas until at least Xmas Eve and for 48 hours only! xxx

  4. I hope you feel better soon - I love the decoration you made though.

    Lizzie's Daily Blog

  5. OMG, Emma Kate that sounds awful! Poor you! So glad you're feeling much better and let's hope that's the end of it. Love what you did to that rather horrid pink sleigh. I cannot imagine what you're going to do with that louvred door. xx

  6. Jeepers! That was scary, not to mention blinking painful. Let's hope there are no more of the little bu**ers!
    I now know what to do with my ice skates...just need to find an old sledge! It looks perfect, suffering from the wanties! Just leaded and snowed the front room windows this afternoon and turned the lights on for a try out when Mr B came home from his Sunday matinee. Pretty.

  7. lol at that "for every Christmas tree ... I fairly loathe xmas and have been horrified at the houses in the town flashing xmas lights all over their walls in November. I will make an effort, but not yet.
    The sledge looks superb. How are the cats xx

    1. Cats are doing great! Freddy gets his wire off tomorrow. We already took his collar off as he leaves his chin alone. Bad Bobby is much happier with Freddys collar gone and we got some Feliway spray too. His tail seems to be growing back! xx

  8. wowsers you have had bad luck, heard those stones are really painful. Hope there are no more stones hiding anywhere. Sledge look amazing!

  9. Oh Em I love the way you shift gears from kidney stone to sled :-) I am glad you are fine now. I read your post out to hubs and he sends his regards to your hubs for the knicker trauma, and he sympathizes with him xxxxx

  10. Oh dear not very nice. OH passed one last year. At least you did not need surgery. Love the sled it is gorgeous. Just take it steady and I am eager to see what you are going to do with the Louvre door.

    Take care


  11. That sounds like a right old nightmare, Emma; thank goodness you feel better now, and let's hope there are no more pesky stones lurking... The sledge looks great, but shouldn't be allowed in November, of course! I'm with Fiona, Christmas is the last fortnight of December, no earlier!
    Good to know FF is improving, and BB is a bit calmer. It's all going on in your house, isn't it?! xxx

  12. Love the sled! Sorry about the kidney ex had it poor thing (ha!)...glad the Pusses are better. X

  13. The kidney stone pain sounds horrendous. Whenever someone says a pain is worse than labour I think crikey it must have been bad....Your sense of humour reminds me very much of the amazing cycling mother-of-three little ones Josie Dew. If you enjoy reading I would highly recommend her books.

  14. Poor you! My ex used to suffer with kidney stones and I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy. We used to have to get the doctor out to give him a shot of Pethedine which was the only thing that took the edge off. Fingers crossed that you never have to go through that again!

    Love the sled by the way - it looks stunning! xx

  15. so sorry to hear your agony news, sounds totally horrendous! Poor you.
    Love your sleigh, love all things festive really - fear I've probably helped kill a small herd of baby reindeer in my time…

  16. Oh Blimey you and me could be twins right now except its my gallbladder I have just had removed and gall stones. I know just the pain you are talking about morphine didn't touch mine either. I am feeling very sore, battered and bruised right now. I am glad to hear that your stone passed and you are feeling better. I adore your sledge loving the red you painted it and themed with the skates it looks fabulous :-) dee x

    1. Oh no Dee! It's horrid isn't it? Apparently codeine is better. Hope you're on the mend very quickly. xx

  17. That sounds like a grim experience- so glad you are feeling better. Good luck with the drinking more business. I struggle with it myself ( I suffer with recurrent cystitis and have scarred kidneys as a result).
    Your sledge is an absolute triumph! It brings to mind ' Tom's Midnight Garden' - I think it must be the skates!

  18. How utterly awful :( I'm so glad to hear you're better, even if you do have to change your diet. Please let me know what nice things you can eat, and I will post you some. That sledge looks INCREDIBLE. xxx


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