Wednesday, 19 November 2014

My first DIY project with my daughter...

My daughter is mad about Littlest Pet Shop animals. Whilst in a junk shop we found an IKEA BOALT knick knack shelf, brand new in it's wrapper for a few quid. We decided it would be perfect to display her figures and set about decorating it.

I don't have a picture of the before. I can't even find one online. I don't think they make these any more. It was pale wood with a hardboard back.

Anyway, here's the after.

The wood was bare so I primed and painted it, then we went through my sheets of vintage wallpaper and cut pieces to size. She did the cutting which is great because she doesn't normally like scissors. I guess straight lines are nice and easy. We glued the pieces in with wallpaper paste. (Hence wallpaper paste disposal disaster...)

She loves it.

I love it.

And Bad Bobby loves it.

He's just making sure I'm aware it's tea time in two hours. Or, you know, whenever I'm ready and have given up taking photos...

My daughter now wants to write a book, no wait, a SERIES of books, make 2 little films and make a wooden deer to sell on ebay! That's my girl...

Oh, and you chazzing, car booting brigade out there? Some of these LPS animals (particularly cats and dogs) fetch over £30 EACH on ebay so keep 'em peeled! 


  1. I want one of those in my house! Its fabulous. I've never heard of those figure before but aren't they kitsch and fun? Can I borrow C? I hate cutting things out, too! xxx

  2. Brilliant find EK, how serendipitous that the spaces are just the right size for the LPS animals. (never heard of 'em....30 quid!) The groovy wallpaper really brings it alive, lovely that it was a project that your daughter could help with.

  3. Bad Bobby xxxx

  4. How cute is that? Love the vintage papers. Miss Mac still has a few of these animals from when she was younger, they are one of the few things she doesn't want to give up although they are packed away. I wonder if she would change her mind if she knew how much they might be worth ...

  5. Flipping heck! Really? Those ghastly creatures are actually worth money! Shame I gave away my daughter's collection to a friend's child. Love the transformation with those lovely vintage wallpapers. Your daughter did a fabulous job with the cutting. I've offered to decorate my daughter's little display shelfy thing in the same way but she won't have any of it. No taste....xx

  6. God, that's brilliant! Love all the wallpaper bits. Definitely not showing my LPS bonkers daughter though…I'm being nagged enough at the moment.
    So glad to hear Freddy is on the mend x

  7. Up close, each one looks cute.

  8. That looks really, really cute - I love how each animal has a 'room'

    Lizzie's Daily Blog

  9. It's adorable! Although I prefer the box to the figurines; they look like they've got miximatosis xxx

  10. lovely display of vintage wallpaper - not sure about the critters! Never seen or heard of them before but just read this "Trivia◾Did you know the color of LPS pets eyes tell how rare it is? Blue means it is Common, Green means it is Uncommon, Brown means it's super uncommon, and Purple means it's rare also hard to find. There also even more colors then that! Inside the LPS eyes, there's a shape inside. Most LPS has the Circle shape in their eyes. They can have 1 or 2 shapes in their eyes. Most have 2! "

    1. Wow, I didn't know that but Connie probably does. She obsesses about them and can spot a fake on ebay. That's right, they FAKE them! x

  11. Your daughter's cubby is just adorable filled with her collection and backed with all those wonderful pieces of vintage wallpaper! Well done!

  12. The funky wallpapers make the perfect backdrop for the Littlest Pet Shop figures, what a great idea! And Connie helped, that must do your heart good! xxx

  13. Oh this is adorable-just like a mansion for the LPS characters!! So clever and pretty!!! Maybe your daughter should go on The Young Apprentice when she is older, she sounds quite the entrepreneurial child!


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