Saturday, 4 August 2012

Friday Fleamarket Finds

I'm intending to try out the British made milk paint to see how, if at all, it compares to the Canadian  variety. Presently, I'm waiting for the colour card....

But with future experimentation on my mind I headed off to the Friday market looking for small wooden items to be my guinea pigs.
 This was the haul. One wonky wooden box, I think it was a sewing box, that has lost some decorative parts and has a broken lock. Nice and big though...
One wooden egg holder.

And a quirky window shaped mirror just itching to be shabbied up. I'll save this for last as I think the Canadian paint will look damn fine on it. I don't want to sacrifice it to unspectacular paint. It has lovely bevelled glass in each pane. I recently treated myself to a little gun like a staple gun but for glazing tabs as I do a lot of mirrors and always prefer to paint them with the glass out. It's so much easier to rebuild them with the right kit. (The pole sticking out of the table is the parasol pole. I can't get it out as the rain has swollen the wood around it.)

The British paint is ready mixed unlike the Canadian so it will be very interesting to see if there are any similarities between the two beyond the name 'milk paint'.
I'm really hoping it performs like the Canadian paint so I can stop paying shipping costs!

Boot sale tomorrow, better get an early night!

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