Thursday, 2 August 2012

Remember this?

Remember this 1930's Lebus dressing table in a sorry state? 
 Paint falling off amongst other ailments and home to the largest spider! ugh!
 Here she is now! We went for a gloss finish as it needed to be wipeable in it's new home, a dog grooming parlour!

 And I was under strict instruction to add a little distressing. There is a new mirror to be added, the frame of which will be painted to match...but I haven't finished it yet.
New knobs finish it off nicely and they all match now. 

In other breaking news, look what I got! I saw it in a shop window and fell head over heels in love. Especially as I was born in 1970 and am indeed a bit of a purveyor of fine accoutrements! But it was £19.99 so I didn't buy it. Until today, when I called in to the shop and found this one with a small hole in the back that can't be seen from the front and it was £7! I am one happy lady!

And yes, that is a hole in the floor at the side of it.

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  1. im just giving mine reluctantly to a local charity


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