Saturday, 11 August 2012

Ooh la la!

 Okay, this isn't the post I had planned! By now I was hoping to have test driven my UK milk paint but it arrived while I was out and our local Post Office collection centre has closed, and they haven't opened the new one yet (idiotic!), meaning I have to walk miles to get my paint, and it's up a very steep hill so I'm saving that for monday when the weather is going to be pants. Sorry! It's just been so hot!
I could have gone this morning but my lovely friend drove us to the boot sale instead. And look what I found!
I used to have a pair of these in my last house but didn't have room for two in this house so I sold them. They don't turn up very often at boot sales so I was very lucky to find this. I think the reason nobody wanted it was because someone had attempted to paint it with black artists acrylic(!) and realised it looked dreadful and gave up.
Naughty me, I didn't take a before shot, but take it from me, it was half black and half the original ivory finish. Anyway I got it for £10 and felt very pleased with myself. Pairs of them are fetching huge amounts on ebay these days!

 Just one bedside table is perfect for my daughters bedroom. She's soon going to be reaching the age where she will read her own bedside story so we can take out the chair and put this in instead.
I painted it with ASCP in duck egg and highlighted the mouldings with old white. It looks a little bit Wedgewood now!
Excuse the hideous floor. We can't sort the floors out until the rewiring is completed and I have no clue when that will be!
My daughters chest of drawers is the same design and that will also be painted to match at some point.
Aren't small projects great? I've had a really pleasant afternoon painting this!

I've also done some work on an Edwardian dressing table I was given by another friend and I'm waiting on a delivery of Canadian milk paint to arrive so I can finish it.
I took the top off  to make it easier to refinish and the whole thing fell apart so I have used my capentry skills on it!
This is the third time this has happened. The perils of old furniture!

It's set to be another lovely sunday so the boot sales will be big ones! Happy hunting wherever you are!

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  1. ha! I do like reading your blog :)

  2. That looks fab, I was only looking at a similar piece of furniture in the window of Laura Ashley this week for a huge amount of money and thought I should look out for one at the boot sale to makeover. Love your blog, right up my street.

  3. Thanks Ladies, and Gill, yours is right up my street funnily enough! I'm your newest follower!

  4. I really {Really!} love your work!

  5. It's very Wedgewood - that's exactly what I thought as soon as the picture popped up in my reader - good score for a tenner, it's such a great shape.

  6. What a gorgeous piece.. I love the detailing on it.

  7. ITS GORGEOUS!! Lovely shape and a very pretty paint job!


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