Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Topsham, Devon and beautiful furniture

 Just got back from a quick trip to Devon to see family, friends and the sea. And of course a bit of coastal town charity shopping!

 We stayed with family at Topsham where I met Karen from 'The White Approach' at a vintage sale. It was funny, I read her lovely blog and I know she mentions Topsham sometimes but I was surprised to see her sign up and went to say ''Hello''. That's the first blogger I've met!

These images of painted furniture are from the Topsham Museum which is well worth a visit! I could find space for any of these!

 The sweetest cooker ever.
 I am SO doing this to my stairs some day!

 Funny how these are desirable again.

 I found the most awesome thing in a charity shop down there, which I'll show you another time...
The train passed right by the Reading Festival on the way home and we could see all the tents and stages which was pretty cool. Then sooo many people got on our train, it was standing room only all the way to London and they STANK of urine and beer! Eew! And we had been feeling smug, travelling on the bank holiday morning, we kind of thought we'd have the train to ourselves!

Now I'm having a hyperactive spell and ripping the tiles off the kitchen walls whilst simultaneously painting the ceiling and a wardrobe that's blocking up the dining room.  The mountain of ironing and name label sewing can wait...

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  1. aahh sounds like you had a great time ;-) Its always nice to meet to other bloggers. If you ever come to Somerset let me know. That musuem looks lovely. Happy decorating i know what you mean about labeling uniforms i have to do mine to they go back next weds. Enjoy the rest of your week, dee xx

  2. That Grandfather’s Clock is a winner! It always reminds me of our country home in Texas and my late grandfather. My grandma and grandpa own one, and I always liked to take a picture beside it, then. :D Hey, and now I’m putting Johnny Cash’s “My Grandfather’s Clock” :)


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