Wednesday, 22 August 2012

More fifties fake French furniture...

 This 1950's wardrobe from the Walnut Cabinet works was the find of the week. It's in the more rare walnut veneer finish and came from ebay. Quite often the matching wardrobes to this type of furniture are quite boxy looking but I'm loving this with it's curved top. It was £50.
This is the applied moulding near the top.

And the cute feet!

Unfortunately, despite being described as being in good condition, it has these whacking great scratches down one side. And of course it's the side you see the most of. Darn it, I'll just have to paint it! (who am I trying to kid?)

And it matches very well with my vintage chests of drawers at least in shape. If they're all painted the same you wouldn't know they're not a set hopefully.

And the matching bedside table, although in a different room. I'm already tempted to re paint this... I did it in a hurry and I don't love it. I was going for a seventeenth century French look in here with French furniture and toile de jouy .... 

Unfortunately my six year old daughter has her own passions and more unfortunately they are 'Disney Princesses' so the other view of the room is blighted by the damn creatures for now. But at least I have managed to keep the room a pink free zone! Cruel mother that I am!
The wardrobe will stay as is for now as it took me ages to build it, clean it and remove the old one. But I would LOVE to try something like this

This lady is seriously talented! Okay, my 'armoire' isn't quite as stunning as hers is but I can have a go.
Sorry all my writing is tiny, I had big trouble getting the text where I wanted it so I did it all as captions. I have no idea what I'm doing half the time...

Delighted to be linking up with Treasure Hunt Thursday at
although I haven't painted it yet. Hopefully that's okay. I hunted it.


  1. Can't wait to see what you do with the wardrobe, it's very pretty and the scratches won't notice once you've worked your magic. I have a wooden wardrobe I bought about 10 years ago on eBay for only a tenner, I keep debating whether to paint it or not (it's solid wood and I'm a bit scared to put the first brush stroke on!)
    I have two chests of drawers exactly like yours (both eBay), and you're right, once they're all painted the same they look like they belong together.

  2. They're such great quality, the ivory ones are hardboard on the outside and solid mahogany on the inside! From a time before worrying about rainforests! I think they're just as popular now as when they came out and were admired in Harrods.
    I (always) say 'PAINT IT!'

  3. Oh Wow what a great buy even with the scratches its a truely gorgeous piece of furniture can't wait to see it when you have got your brushes on it ;-)) Love all your wood floors to. Have a wonderful weekend, dee x

  4. Thank you for visiting and leaving such a nice comment. My daughter is in the Disney princess stage too and I'm constantly trying to find a way to hide them.

  5. It's great to see a wardrobe which is gonna be part of your existing pieces. I loved your others stuff in your room. I think, it can be great turned out for you after working on it and your whole place will be fascinating with this piece.


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